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Jumat, 24 April 2009

Buku Gale Encyclopedia of Genetic Disorders

Buku Gale Encyclopedia of Genetic Disorders ( 2 Volume )

The Gale Encyclopedia of Genetic Disorders is a unique and invaluable source for information regarding diseases and conditions of a genetic origin. This collection of nearly 400 entries provides in-depth coverage of disorders ranging from exceedingly rare to very well-known. In addition, several non-disorder entries have been included to facilitate understanding of common genetic concepts and practices such as Chromosomes, Genetic counseling, and Genetic testing.

This encyclopedia avoids medical jargon and uses language that laypersons can understand, while still providing thorough coverage of each disorder medical professionals will find beneficial as well. The Gale Encyclopedia of Genetic Disorders fills a gap between basic consumer health resources, such as single-volume family medical guides, and highly technical professional materials.
Each entry discussing a particular disorder follows a standardized format that provides information at a glance.

The rubric used was:
- Definition
- Description
- Genetic profile
- Demographics
- Signs and symptoms
- Diagnosis
- Treatment and management
- Prognosis
- Resources
- Key terms

A preliminary list of diseases and disorders was compiled from a wide variety of sources, including professional medical guides and textbooks, as well as consumer guides and encyclopedias. The advisory board, made up of seven medical and genetic experts, evaluated the topics and made suggestions for inclusion. Final selection of topics to include was made by the advisory board in conjunction with Gale Group editors.

The essays were compiled by experienced medical writers, primarily genetic counselors, physicians, and other health care professionals. The advisors reviewed the completed essays to insure they are appropriate, upto-date, and medically accurate.

The Gale Encyclopedia of Genetic Disorders contains over 200 full color illustrations, including photos and pedigree charts. A complete symbol guide for the pedigree charts can be found in the appendix.

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