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Jumat, 24 April 2009

2007 Compton's Encyclopedia by Britannica ( 26 Volume )

2007 Compton's Encyclopedia by Britannica ( 26 Volume )

Premier reference source and homework helper for middle & high school
- 2006 Teacher's Choice® Award Winner
- Complete topic coverage: geography, math, biographies, social studies, science, and more
- More than 50% new and revised content since 2004
- FREE bonus resources

Written and visually designed for students ages 10-17, the 2007 Compton's by Britannica is packed with information young learners will find exciting and captivating. Dramatic pictures, detailed diagrams, and engaging texts will give young readers the basic facts and entice more advanced students to dig deeper. The 26-volume set covers a wide variety of topics and presents information in an easy-to-read style. The 2007 edition is fully updated, revised, and reviewed by educators, expert contributors, and Britannica editors. Designed to inspire ambition and stimulate the imagination, Compton's is perfect for any family's home library.

Buku 2007 Compton's Encyclopedia by Britannica ( 26 Volume )
- New and revised articles include astronomy, Australia, ballet, baseball, Olympic medalist Shani Davis, flood, genetic engineering, global warming, Hamas, Liberia, Iraq, New Orleans, Palestine, Pope Benedict XVI, Chief Justice John Roberts, soccer, social security, weather, and much more.
- Engaging Graphics: Readers will be captivated by 23,000 maps, charts, tables, and images including hundreds of stunning new additions. Convenient, carefully designed aids provided throughout each volume encourage research and fact-finding.
- Complete Topic Coverage: More than 37,000 articles cover geography, math, people, social studies, science, and more.
- Here and There: A handy guide that organizes information in each volume by subjects, articles, and page numbers.

- Profiles: Biographies and glossary terms related to the article.
- Exploring: Interesting questions that introduce each volume.
- Time Lines: Outlines that illustrate the broad sweep of events.
- Fact Finders: Excellent cross-reference guides.
- Previews: Tables of contents in longer articles that help readers quickly locate major subdivisions.
- Volume 26--The Fact-Index: A mini-encyclopedia with more than 29,800 short articles, as well as a standard index.

Format: Library Binding (Hardcover)
Volumes: 26
Individual Volume Size: 10.25"H x 1"W x 7.75"D
Overall Width: 23 5/8"
Pages: 11,000

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